History of WKM Więcbork

The history of WKM Więcbork


In 1950s, the Pomorzanin Motor Sport Club was operating in Więcbork, on this base WKM Club has been established.


In 1979, Leopold Stypa, leader of the motocross group, came up with idea to found a club and organize real competitions.

In 1981 the WKM club was officially registered and from now on they could focus on motocross.

In Season 2015, club riders with their hard work and passion led to a historic event. As the first motocross club in Poland, we won the Polish Cup three times in a row.

Later on in 2017, WKM won the Polish Junior Championships Cup, in 2018 We won the Junior Vice Club Championships, and again in 2019 WKM Więcbork achieved the title of Junior Junior Club Vice.


The current club authorities are the President Szymon Grzegorczyk, V-ice President Adam Nowacki, Treasurer Karol Sobiech, Secretary Karol Rogalski, At that momen Club have more than 30 riders in all junior and senior classes.



Our club brings together people who share a passion for motorsport riders, hobbyists and activists.

We run cyclical trainings for our raiders. Also, we organize training to improving driving techniques for the Police, Forest Guard, Fire Brigade and private individuals.

Our main goal during trainings is to learn safe and effective motorcycle riding.



In 1993 a new motocross track was put into use.

Over the years, the track has undergone many changes. The track received a certificate and approval for organizing competitions and training.

WKM Więcbork has one of the best and safest motocross tracks in Poland. We are constantly working on expanding the track infrastructure. Our Profiled and fenced track also have water drainage system. The route maintains a great surface condition even with heavy rainfall. We have a competition office, a shelter, and now we are also building social rooms, and this is only part of the visible activities on the track. We offer competitors a fenced and developed machine park with lighting and eclectic points, and this year we will put into operation the most modern starter machine in the country. Track and machine park is monitored.



Following the idea of environmental protection, we have introduced close cooperation with ecologists and a public health officer in our region. Modeled on the studies conducted by Scandinavian scientists in 2017, which positively determined impact of motocross tracks on biodiversity.

Similarly, we commissioned research on the impact of our track on the natural environment and we know that our track does not affect the flora and fauna within it.

We monitor the noise level and exhaust emissions of motorcycle engines and we absolutely require ecological mats laid under motorcycles.



Our facility has been a test base for sports motorcycle dealers for many years.

Motorcycle sales companies, tuners carry out a number of tests on the track to improve the settings of their motorcycles. During events and competitions, companies from various industries run exhibitions, presentations and sales of their products and technologies to potential customers.



The club has always been cooperating openly with companies that want to promote their products through us. We are a club whose players compete in the World Championships, European and Polish Championships.

The colors of our WKM motocross club have been known and recognized for over 35 years. They are associated with a constant presence in sports competition, sports results, sporting spirit and Fair Play ride.


In 2018, we established close cooperation with Andrzej Klimowicz, the owner of Oleje Klimowicz company, which is the only distributor of Neste products in Poland.

Andrzej Klimowicz company is the main sponsor of WKM Więcbork, and the company owner is also the individual sponsor of few our riders.


Więcborski Klub Motorowy.